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That is why I say that we do need the United Kingdom to stay in the single market and the Customs Union. If that is not to be, then please tell me what will replace that. I want a solution. I am afraid I hear nothing from the UK side that will leave things as they are today, but we will welcome a proposal with open arms.

Michel Barnier wants that too. In the negotiations, we will have to make progress on this issue. I cannot go back home to my constituents in Donegal, in Cavan, in Monaghan, in Louth, in Meath, in all of that constituency, and say that we are going to return to the borders of the past.

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I will not let that happen. Viel zu lange ist eigentlich nichts substanziell weitergegangen, und das liegt vor allem an der britischen Seite. Jetzt scheint etwas Bewegung in die Sache zu kommen. Gut so!

Da sind zwei Eckpunkte zu nennen: Das ist einmal Irland. Wir brauchen keine neue Grenzen und kein Wiederaufleben der alten Konflikte. Maar het is nog veel belangrijker om op het einde van de rit een goede brexitovereenkomst te hebben. Daarom een warme oproep om de twee fasen niet te allen tijde op een kunstmatige wijze gescheiden te willen houden. Crucially, they say that these losses will not be evenly distributed, with Ireland being worst hit, suffering a relatively greater loss in both jobs and GDP than even the UK itself. This must be factored into any final outcome of the negotiations.

Those who represent Northern Ireland must be clear: do they want a hardening of the border, will they accept a harder border, or do they support a unique solution for Northern Ireland that will avoid a hardening of the border, maintain the travel area and uphold the Good Friday Agreement? But, as a citizen, I must admit I am still completely lost as to what the British Government actually wants out of these negotiations.

And I think this is deeply worrying. That is why I have two points to make to Theresa May, and I think she can clarify them tomorrow in her speech at the party congress: Finally, Madam Prime Minister, let us, and the millions of citizens who are waiting for this, know what the British Government actually wants out of these negotiations. And secondly — and this is also an important signal to send here from this European Parliament — never forget that there is still a way out of this mess.

The strength of a leader is demonstrated not by stubbornness but by insight. It is high time to do so! Auke Zijlstra ENF. Premier May doet een keurig voorstel voor een permanente verblijfsvergunning voor iedereen die zich daar nu legaal bevindt en de EU wijst dat direct af. Ze stelde dat een redelijk bedrag betaald kan worden en de EU wil meer, meer, meer.

Iedere vorm van onderhandeling over een toekomstig vrijhandelsverdrag wordt afgewezen totdat Londen zich onderwerpt aan deze afpersing. Voorzitter, waar is onze eeuwige dankbaarheid voor het land dat de Duitse spijkerlaars heeft verslagen? Voorzitter, het totale morele failliet van de EU kan deze week niet duidelijker zijn. Am Brexit ist nichts, aber auch gar nichts gut. Viele Vorredner haben bereits darauf hingewiesen: Ein ausreichender Fortschritt mit Blick auf die Scheidungsbedingungen ist bislang nicht festgestellt worden. Hier muss die britische Seite konkret liefern.

Und auch, wenn durch die Rede in Florenz mancher Fortschritt erzielt worden ist, bleibt es Frau Mays Aufgabe, morgen auf dem Parteitag der britischen Konservativen etwas mehr Klarheit zu schaffen. Ansonsten wird das im Oktober nichts werden, wie es bereits mehrfach angesprochen wurde. You broke it in two — Konsequenzen folgen. Think what I am saying, we can work it out and get it straight, or say good night.

Peter van Dalen ECR. Bijvoorbeeld dat EU-burgers ook Britse burgers zijn en dat het Europees Parlement ook de Britse burgers vertegenwoordigt. Vervolgens legt de tekst echter alle verantwoordelijkheid geheel eenzijdig bij de Britten. Zij moeten de rechten van de burgers volledig garanderen.


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De Britten dragen volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor de relatie tussen Noord-Ierland en Ierland, en de Britten moeten de betaling eerst volledig regelen. Gebeurt dat niet, dan worden de onderhandelingen opgeschort. Geen woord dus over andere wederzijds gemeenschappelijke belangrijke onderwerpen, zoals handel en visserij.

Verhofstadt en de zijnen willen een vechtscheiding. Dat levert aan beide kanten slechts verliezers op. Diplomacy is a bit like dating. If you want it to succeed, you need to be careful what you say. That is what you said, Mr Verhofstadt, if you could come off your phone for a second.

Today, Manfred Weber did just that by demanding that Boris Johnson resign.

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I agree. You have made it harder today, Manfred! Jean-Claude Juncker, you said you would not have much time to spend on this. You brought out what happened in private discussions. We need this to work! We have been bitten by Europe on Lisbon and Nice and on bank debt.

It is time to put your egos away, time to make this work, and time to stop insulting people that you ultimately want to work with you.

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Steeve Briois ENF. First of all, why is everything in slow motion? The Brexit referendum took place well over a year ago, yet the pace of discussions has been glacial. Indeed, the UK made a serious diplomatic effort to split that unity. This failed. Despite the clarity, the message never seems to get through. The UK side, when it responds, does so in vague all too often unfocused language or makes complaints of inflexibility or punishment. Fourth, the discussion in the UK itself seems to be entirely unaware of what the EU is saying.

It is as if the UK has become another planet. From the outset, in the s — and I was there — the UK never sought to understand what the EU was for. The attitude was entirely transactional. Equally England — and I mean England, and not the UK as a whole — has become intensely focused on itself, thereby making it very hard to see the EU as it is, a body of values.

Se habla de unidad de Europa, de las empresas, de los derechos de los ciudadanos, pero, en todo este periodo, no se ha dicho nada, absolutamente nada, de los trabajadores, los grandes olvidados del brexit. Janusz Lewandowski PPE. Duemila anni fa, Seneca scrisse che "non esiste vento favorevole per il marinaio che non sa dove andare".

Julie Girling ECR. They state the obvious. They say they want a cliff edge, no deal and a complete withdrawal — what Kenneth Clarke called a calamitous act of national self-harm. Be clear about that, colleagues. We want to make progress. Ms May has signalled in Florence that she wants to move.

This Parliament can play an important role in moving the deal forward. We are experienced in negotiating; we are experienced in reaching consensus and compromise. I would like to make one point about this resolution, which is the one point I do not agree with. It is really important that this Parliament urges Mr Barnier, the Commission and the Council to move forward with a parallel negotiation on some of the issues that the UK is signalling are important, on the principle that no deal is agreed until everything is agreed.

That would open up channels of communication that would show goodwill and the willingness to go forward without digging our heels in and being just as stubborn and just as awkward as those gentlemen that I mentioned earlier. So unklare Positionen des Verhandlungspartners habe ich noch nie erlebt.