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This is a tale of adventure, mystery, swordplay, and magic mixed with a healthy dose of humor. Two young investigators uncover a deadly conspiracy, a vicious noble, a fanatical cult, betrayal, and a baleful prophecy.

Writing Fantasy Fiction: How To Make The Magic Work

Risking all, they struggle to save their city, their lives, and their guild. Kindle The Centauri Survivors by Andrew J Chamberlain: When a habitable planet is discovered four light-years from Earth, a colony ship is built to take the first humans there.


On arrival, five wake from cryosleep to find themselves surrounded by death. While hunting escaped criminals through the toxic fogbound wastes beyond the great walled city, a man-catcher stumbles onto a plot to overthrow the Empress, and the hunter becomes the hunted. Explore the dystopian vision of life after War of the Worlds.

Get ready for a wild ride including battles with traitorous knights, a vampire, and witches! A suspenseful and mysterious young adult time travel fantasy with werewolves and vampires. Full of mystery, mythology, magic, and love. A love triangle between a beautiful nurse, an enigmatic stranger, and the local doctor is ensnared by the politics, violence, and betrayal.

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With therapy, the nightmares and sleepwalking stop, and she finds closure to the childhood trauma. The victim is ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway. A substantial manhunt gets underway to locate the missing girl, and then, when her dismembered body is discovered, justice is sought for Jessica.

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Who could possibly be responsible for such a heinous crime? Mermaid Cliff by Brandon Rohrbaugh: Secrets come to light in this supernatural mystery, sending one teen on a journey that will change his life — forever. Rockport is a small, seaside town. After the new girl at school is found murdered beneath the iconic, Mermaid Cliff, a group of teens will hunt for the killer or become the next victim. Book 1 of the Mermaid Cliff series. One freak hit destroyed his chances. Although he enjoys his work as a university offensive coordinator, his aspirations have shifted to coaching at the highest level.

There are patterns and methods used by the cosmos that stay consistent within life on Earth and out into the universe: these are evidences of a Universal Spirit using the same methods on Earth and the cosmos, but they must be realized and connected like dots. Orville McLeish: This Day Inspirational Devotional is guaranteed to challenge your present paradigm and shift your perspective to consider your true identity in Christ, not just from a purely human perspective as we know it, but from a divine perspective that will bring to light what it truly means to be a human being made in the image and likeness of God.

Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket!

Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense. Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness.

Romantic Suspense Equal mix of Romance and Suspense, for those who like a little action in their love stories. This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books. He loves a good beer, a good hike, and thinks glitter is of the devil. Great points, Tyrell. I was more interested in developing the characters and how they reacted to magic, both good and bad, than in spelling out the history and restrictions of the system.

Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson

Thanks man! In that way, I guess magic used well can create tension, while magic used poorly destroys it. A really interesting article it has helped me with if the magic in my sci fi story is needed. In my story Arcainuim magic was though to be just a story possibly one person in universe has it the antagonist. Theres a point when something very emotional happens to the main character and he loses himself thats and finds out that he is descendent from ancient kings and the magic is in his blood but it comes at a price every time he uses it its harder to control the beast he becomes.

In my book Dragonkin, Only children of the Elemental Dragons can use magic. If they use too much, then they slowly become a beast, or they are corrupted. Oh also the size of a Downtown Detroit building.

Writing Fantasy Fiction: How To Make The Magic Work

Tanis is especially affected by it. I never liked it when magic in a fantasy story was set up so that they discover they have those posers it felt like an easy cop-out because anytime there was a problem, boom all the hero had to do was use the magic. For instance, if my main character using the hate spell too often the spirits that grant it will take away from her life force. If she continues to push it it could kill her. Other wise the pace just feels way to fast.

In regards to character development, do you have any advice as to how one might use magic to further this? This section was extremely helpful. In Wings of Fire, they have Animus magic, which is extremely powerful, but it is powered directly from your soul. Basically, if you use too much, then you either end up homicidally insane, dead, disappeared, or turned to stone.

The last one was actually done by choice, poor StoneMover. Well, you could ask yourself where does your magic come from? How do your characters get the power to use magic? Do the characters just look silly, waving their hands and chanting to no effect? You have a complex ritual to summon them, and any mistake you make when preparing it lets the Demon kill you.

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