Breast Cancer: 50 Essential Things You Can Do

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Now, it was almost a week, and I could feel the lump every day. I decided to ask Dr. Sushma hesitated a bit after checking me. This got me extremely anxious and worried. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. You should be happy you got it checked so early. Early detection is really a plus. The cancer is at a stage when it can be treated, and you can be back to your regular normal life. I think this is what stuck to me the most.

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This attitude of mine along with family support made me strong and we were ready to overcome everything that came our way. A few weeks later, came the turning point of my life. The tumor was surgically removed. Priya, my oncologist suggested to take up CanAssist Breast test to find out the breast cancer recurrence risk before going ahead with the treatment. CanAssist Breast provided additional information about my tumor. The test results helped us to identify the likelihood of cancer returning to a distant site after surgery. Luckily, I was under the low-risk recurrence zone and I was spared from chemotherapy and its side-effects.

This timely action of mine not only saved the cost of treatment but also helped me in leading a quality life.

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Today, being a breast cancer survivor, I thank OncoStem and Dr. Manjiri for helping me take the most important and timely decision of my life. Precision medicine or personalized therapies for breast cancer are those that are tailored to a specific patient to give the most effective treatment. It considers the genetic makeup or other markers in the cancer cells, blood, and tumor tissues and non-genetic factors such as lifestyle. From diagnosis, treatment to prevention and care, this approach includes the collection and analysis of blood or tumor tissue.

Precision treatments are also based on the groups that different patients belong to, such as HER2-positive, lymph node-positive, post or pre-menopausal, and other such groups. To tackle the numerous problems related to breast cancer such as late diagnosis, over-treatment, unaffordable treatments, and inaccessibility of treatment options, multiple companies have been researching and developing different solutions.

Employing different technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning, the development of tech-based innovation for breast cancer has rapidly advanced in recent years.

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  • For example, mammography is no longer the screening test that works for all. Tests such as digital breast tomosynthesis, whole-breast ultrasound, and AI-powered are more accessible, personalized, and affordable screening methods. Highly capable 3D mammography machines are simplifying early detection and breast cancer recurrence prediction tests and are helping patients to bypass chemotherapy altogether.

    There are different kinds of breast cancers, and they respond differently to different treatments. For example, oncologists are now planning treatments for patients based on their specific breast cancer conditions. These treatment decisions are based on whether they are HER2-positive, lymph node-positive, post or pre-menopausal, and other such factors. Today, all women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer do not need chemotherapy.

    Experts have noted peculiar observations in breast cancer occurrences in India. There is an increased incidence in younger age groups in rural and urban areas. With the number of breast cancer occurrences consistently on the rise, awareness about breast cancer recurrence risk is a must.

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    Up until a few years back, a large number of women in the rural areas suffered due to non-diagnostics and lack of facilities for cancer diagnosis and care in these regions. However, owing to the fact that the AI and tech-based screenings and treatments do not involve complex logistics or the need of physical examination, the availability of tests and medicines is penetrating deeper in rural and underserved regions, too. Telemedicine: An unmanned telemedicine clinic where patients come face-to-face with medical experts from across the country.

    The process is carried out online that allows doctors and patients to see each other virtually. Data analytics in medicine: A number of tests only require a small sample tissue from the cancer tumor to read, study, and access the cancer condition of the patients. These samples can be easily and safely couriered from any part of the country in just a few days enabling patients from unserved regions to access medical help. India has the lowest doctor-patient ratio in the world.

    In such a scenario, these machine-based tests are helping reach a larger number of patients. With new, advanced, improved, and innovative breast cancer treatments, the problem is being tackled by several cancer treatment institutes and startups. With continued research and development, startups are striving to make the tests even cheaper and affordable for a large segment of the population. The need for the hour is to spread awareness about these options among patients and their loved ones. Are you amongst the millions who associate breast cancer with fatality; a disease that is almost impossible to cure and one that definitely involves chemotherapy?

    Most people believe that cancer treatments and medicines have little benefit. However, a look into new findings and discoveries in the field of oncology is enough to change this common perception about breast cancer. For years, doctors and oncologists have chosen chemotherapy and radiation as a post-surgical breast cancer treatment.

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    The oncologist is not only responsible for the diagnosis but is also responsible for providing clarity and knowledge to the patient about their cancer. Most importantly, the oncologist is responsible for deciding and charting out the best treatment course for the patient. Discussions surrounding prognosis often require oncologists to be sensitive, honest, and encouraging. The treatment to a particular breast cancer patient and the response to treatment is unique to each patient, and the oncologist must share relevant information with the patient.

    Apart from this, the oncologists are responsible for post-treatment follow-up to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Several factors are considered:. Most patients associate cancer with chemotherapy and one of their first set of questions include queries about chemotherapy: How many sessions of chemotherapy will be required, what are the side-effects, what are the costs involved, will chemotherapy benefit, and what exactly happens during chemotherapy?

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    Accept cookies. Cookie settings. Home Breast screening: higher risk women. Public Health England. Contents 1. Frequency of surveillance breast screening 3. How screening is done 4. Suitability 5. What happens when I reach the standard screening age? When your routine breast screening invitations stop 7.

    8 Ways to Be There for Yourself After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    Noticing changes in your breasts 8. Being breast aware 9. More information. How screening is done There are 2 types of screening technology used for women at higher risk: Mammography: X-rays of the breasts A mammography booklet is sent to all women invited to NHS breast screening, and includes information about the benefits and disadvantages of screening. MRI : magnetic resonance imaging The MRI scanner is a large tube surrounded by a strong magnetic field, with a platform bed that slides into it.

    If you have any questions about your scan you can speak to the doctor. Suitability There may be certain circumstances that mean screening cannot be carried out. However, some women will continue to have screening more often than every 3 years. When your routine breast screening invitations stop Currently, women receive routine screening invitations from 50 up to their 71st birthday. Noticing changes in your breasts No screening method can detect every cancer, and cancer can develop in between screening appointments. Is this page useful? Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? Thank you for your feedback. What were you doing? What went wrong? Email address. So, Allie set out to discover who her new post-diagnosis and post-treatment self was. Sometimes she did this through seemingly small moves, like putting on bolder than usual hoop earrings to go along with her new buzz cut. Other days, it meant going against her naturally social instincts and saying no to dinners out with friends so she could recharge at home.