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Why this is the case was unclear - until now.

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Researchers at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research HZI in Braunschweig, Germany, discovered a possible reason: Influenza virus proliferates slowly in elderly people that their immune system recognises the disease too late. The researchers…. A new study published in the scientific journal PLOS Pathogens points out that mice lacking a protein called Tmprss2 are no longer affected by certain flu viruses.

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We were unable to complete your request. And he said: "How do u know?! Did I post a pic? He said the naked ones. He didn't look impressed and spoke about cheating. My girlfriend gets very 'excited' over you". Discourse analysis. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. In Chapter 1, Kissine reviews Austinian speech act theory and argues for a clear separation of the three speech act levels: the locution the linguistic form , the illocutionary force the action that the utterance performs , and the perlocutionary effects the consequences derived from performing the speech act.

He maintains that perlocutionary effects, such as informing, persuading, etc.

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More precisely, the effects that an utterance can have are independent of the illocutionary force. For example, the tone of my voice can convey that I am angry, although I am not trying to communicate a specific emotion. On the other hand, illocutionary force also should be separated from the locution because a locutionary act does not necessarily constitute a speech act.

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For example, according to Kissine, soliloquies do not constitute an illocutionary act, because they are self-addressed. Thus, Kissine restricts speech acts to conversational interaction.

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In Chapter 2, Kissine studies how intentional states are related to locutionary acts. He rejects the traditional description of speech acts based on their directions of fit -- from mind to world for beliefs and from world to mind for desires and intentions Searle For Kissine, this account is unsatisfactory because if the belief does not fit in the world, then it cannot be distinguished from an unsatisfied desire.

Thus, the traditional approach does not distinguish between beliefs and desires, and, for Kissine, this distinction is crucial for speech act understanding. If the content is nonpotential, the locution is subject to truth-value assignment and therefore is a constative speech act.

Gefährliches Doppelpack 2 (German Edition)

On the other hand, potential content can be interpreted as a speech act not subject to truth-value assignment e. Chapter 3 examines constative illocutionary force, i. In this chapter, Kissine introduces the notion of conversational background. When we interpret an utterance as a constative speech act, we pair it with a set of assumptions that entails it. This is the case of indirect speech acts, such as insinuation, irony, and sarcasm.

In Chapter 4, Kissine studies directive speech acts.

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  7. In this case, the speaker presents the hearer with reasons to act with respect to the conversational background. In congruence with his separation of speech act levels, he argues that the imperative mood does not code directive force. The major piece of evidence that the author cites in this respect is that some languages lack a specific imperative form.

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    In order to be interpreted as a directive speech act, the propositional content must be potential and must correspond with the conversational background. This demonstrates that the form-function pairing of locutionary-illocutionary force is implausible. However, indirect speech acts can be conventionalized: e. As in the case of constatives, directives also can lack direct illocutionary force.