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Trump and Mr. Kushner also used private email accounts for official business, according to their lawyer. They were not the only ones. Cohn, the former economic adviser; and Stephen Miller, a top aide, all had used personal email accounts for government business, as did K. McFarland , the former deputy national security adviser. When government officials do business outside official channels, it not only hampers the business of governing, it also raises the concern that there is something to hide.

A State Department investigation in found that other secretaries of state had handled classified information on unclassified email systems.

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Warren will also impose additional tax hikes on low and middle income households, including a carbon tax and a 30 percent national gun tax and a 50 percent national ammo tax. Absolutely Ridiculous. Video: Democrats Promise Higher Taxes. Elizabeth Warren "Wealth Tax" was described by the WaPo editorial board as having "a certain authoritarian odor". Joe Biden broke his middle class tax pledge.

Hillary Clinton Not Running in — What She's Doing Now

In the latest From the Swamp to the States podcast we talk about vaping bans being pushed by Governors, Clean Slate and expungement for nonviolent offenders, and keeping government from ruining an innovative cancer treatment, with Mackinac Center for Public Policy's David Guenther. Despite his promise not to raises taxes as Governor, John Bel Edwards has raised billions of dollars in tax increases on hardworking Louisianans.

That was a lie. It was a lie that it was going to be temporary.

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Louisiana is a one of a few states that allows taxpayers to subtract their federal taxes when calculating their income for state tax purposes. Since the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — which reduced income tax rates across the board, doubled the standard deduction, and doubled the child tax credit, among other things — has resulted in most Americans having a lower federal tax burden, Louisianans experienced an inadvertent income tax hike at the state level.

Instead, Edwards kept the cash. Louisiana has the highest corporate tax in the region, the second highest individual income tax in the region, and the second highest combined state and local sales tax in the nation. Or, will Louisiana voters decide they want to change courses and adopt more pro-growth policies, including rate reducing tax reform, that will make their state a more attractive place to live, invest, and do business.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia. Many reporters covering the flavored vape issue haven't bothered to leave their desk and visit a local vape shop. This ignorance reveals itself in subtle and not-so-subtle news articles pushing to impose a national Michael Bloomberg-style ban on flavored vaping products which adults rely on to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. So to anyone who still doesn't understand the health and electoral consequences of a flavored vape ban, watch the video below, a compilation of second testimonials recorded in the past 36 hours:.

I smoked cigarettes for 20 years, and I finally quit with cotton candy e-liquid. Not only do I vape but I also manage a vape shop and invested my life savings into the industry last year, so, vaping didn't just save my life, It's also my livelihood. I smoked for 19 years starting at the age of I switched to vaping when I found out that I was going to have my son seven years ago, I started off with a little Ego Twist and fruit flavors and I've moved on up to owning my own shops. Flavors have saved my life. And don't forget that I've vape and I vote.

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Thank you. I smoked two to two and a half packs a day of Camel Lights for 21 years. I tried Chantix, patch, gum, hippy dippy acutherapy, and cold turkey more times than I can count.

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Cinnamon candy flavored vapor got me to quit. Four days after I tried my first vapor, I smoked my last cigarette. Once I got into my 30s I realized I needed to quit. I tried patches, gum, pills, everything. Nothing worked until vaping. Vaping green apple e-liquid was the only thing that helped me to quit smoking cigarettes. It wasn't for vaping, I'd still be smoking. I'm 47 years old and my name is Jennifer.

I quit smoking in with great mint flavored vapor. Sensing her moment was now, Hillary put her name forward and won — the only time a First Lady had been elected to public office. The most difficult decisions I have made in my life were to stay married to Bill and to run for the Senate from New York. Nearly 3, people were killed and more than 6, injured in the immediate attack. And she has continued to fight for compensation for the first responders — the police officers, paramedics and firefighters on the ground that day — many of whom died or still face serious health complications. Clinton's feel for power and grasp of the issues won widespread admiration among Democrats.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton speaking at a news conference in Easily re-elected to the Senate in November , Clinton turned her attentions once again to the White House. Hitting the campaign trail as the early front-runner for the Democrat presidential nomination, she fought an ill-tempered campaign against a charismatic young Senator, Barack Obama. It was close, but Obama's message of hope and change won the day. Although we were not able to shatter that highest and hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you it has 18 million cracks in it.

After losing the nomination, Hillary threw herself behind Obama's campaign. When he defeated John McCain, her phone rang. It was Obama Hillary was offered the role of Secretary of State. Instead of accepting, she reeled off a list of other possible candidates.

Hillary eventually relented. Her experience as First Lady proved valuable in forging ties with leaders at home and abroad.

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  5. Despite the plaudits of many Democrat colleagues, Clinton's tenure in the State Department was not without controversy. On 11 September , attackers opened fire and forced their way into the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Republican and conservative media critics were outraged, claiming the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's State Department in particular, had failed to properly heed security warnings before the attack.

    Amid mounting criticism, Clinton resigned in February But investigations continued.


    Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys…who decided that they'd go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? A Donald Trump supporter holds up a placard calling for Hillary Clinton to be arrested. Investigations into Hillary's conduct over Benghazi found little evidence of wrongdoing, but a second committee was convened to probe further. During its investigations, it emerged that Clinton had used private email servers for official correspondence as Secretary of State.

    Critics claimed that use of the private server breached security protocols and Clinton was forced to hand over tens of thousands of emails. Commentators on the right led calls for Clinton to be prosecuted. The FBI confirmed in that Clinton would not be indicted, but her political opponents have continued to demand her arrest. Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton… intended to violate laws… there is evidence that they were extremely careless. In , Clinton announced another bid for the White House. As the most prominent candidate, she was again the early favourite.

    But support, especially amongst the young, soon fomented behind Senator Bernie Sanders. Defying expectations, he pushed Clinton all the way, but ultimately fell short of gaining enough nominations to secure the candidacy. Earlier, her husband played the role she had performed for him so often — calling her "the best darn change-maker I have ever known". On Tuesday 8 November, millions of American citizens voted for their next President. After a bitterly contested fight for the White House that was light on policy and long on soundbite, Clinton conceded defeat in a race that was quite unlike any the US had seen before.

    While his supporters celebrated long into the night, Democrats were beginning to pick apart a campaign that once again failed to provide the US with its first woman leader. Presented by Amanda Vickery.

    Trump Surprises White House Tour in Front of Hillary Clinton Portrait

    This page is no longer being updated. BBC Iwonder. Life in the lens In November Hillary Clinton was forced to concede defeat in her bid to become the first woman to lead the United States. Not now. Bill and Hillary Clinton were married in Around this time…. Early s. From: Northern Ireland: Through food and television. From: The Longer View: Nuclear explosion. From: The 14 most ground-breaking CGI movie moments ever.

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