Letters from Dad: Lessons and Love

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Stock Image. Published by Grand Central Publishing, Used Condition: Good. Save for Later. About this Item Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. About this title Synopsis: Letters from a father to his son when his son left home. In this new step for the "Letters from Dad" project Greg reveals what he has " Lessons from the Tackle Box" is challenging, life-changing, and takes men to a Greg Vaughn, will teach you how to write letters of faith, hope and love that will be.

From Father To Son: A Letter Of Love And Advice

This personal primer imparts life's most important lessons through the actual letters of a loving father to his teenage son. Touching on myriad subjects, including. Dearest Jennifer Leann,. The nicest thing a Mom and Dad can pass.

Life Lessons

I have dreams for you, for us. I envision you and I becoming good friends someday, but before that I will need to be a parent to you. I want to be the one you come to when something bothers you at school. I want you to tell me if not being part of a clique bothers you.

I want to be there to soothe you as you experience your first period. I want to be the one to hold you to my bosom when a boy or girl breaks your heart trust me they will. I want to see you go to college, spread your wings and fly. I want to see you married and mother children your own. Sometimes, I worry I may not have that chance, that I may not be able to tell you as we sit side by side about all the times I failed and tried again. I may never get the chance to tell you that the staid Amma you know once was a little girl.

A girl who had trouble fitting in at school. A girl with body image issues.

Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons by Tim Russert

A girl who desperately wanted to fall in love. A girl who struggled with finding out what she wanted to do with her life. Eventually, she did grow up to be the person you now know as mommy.

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Your mommy who is very happy with her life now. In no particular order, I want to share with you the things I have learned. In the event I am not around, I hope you will sense my presence as you read this:. It is simple. Tell the truth all the time. It will not be easy but it will save you from heartache.

Whether it is owning up to messing your life or pretending to be busy so you can avoid something you committed to, choose truth over lies. Uncomfortable definitely, but worth the peace of mind. We all mess up. God knows I have messed up. Saying sorry when you are in the wrong offers a way forward. Own up to your mistake and put it out in the open. Apologize and mean it. You will be amazed how many conflict-ridden situations can be smoothed over by a simple heartfelt sorry. This is something I learned from my mom, your paati.

Every time we visited someone, we would stop to buy fruits or flowers or a box of sweets. It is a simple gesture but it says a lot. Much like sorry, saying thanks is underrated. Showing appreciation for another person's effort is a simple way of saying you matter, your work matters. We often say thanks to strangers and acquaintances, forgetting to extend the same courtesy to family. Say thanks to your siblings, your parents, your spouse, your children.

They matter and are often the ones we take for granted. If your friend asks you for a favor and you would rather not spend your time on it. Speak up and say you would rather not. Much like telling the truth, speaking up for how you feel is important.

It is uncomfortable. It risks the relationship. It also makes the relationship stronger.

Lessons from the tackle box

It frees you up to be the person you are rather than the person someone else wants you to be. This has been my toughest challenge.

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  • I often over-promise and under deliver and feel wretched about it. If you promise to do something, do it. Integrity is hard won and something that will be recognized life-long. As your mom, I have often noticed you do not do what I say. You do as I act.