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Then add the veggies to the filling and add the filling to the crust and bake all together at the end. This was so good. Just the smell of it cooking rounded everyone to the table early! I substituted shredded frozen potatoes. Used the onion instead of the leek and mixed with spinach before cooking. Also I doubled the recipe and used two small casserole dishes adding time to it cooking since it was thicker than a pie pan. And do to the store being out of silken tofu must be a good change happening out there I used one package silken that I had on hand and one package of firm, came out so so good.

I was worried about the small changes but man is plant based cooking the way to go. Sooo yummy! I love this recipe! Great recipe. The whole family loved it. Nice and easy for a weeknight. We served it with a roquette salad roquette, olive oil, aged balsamic, lemon juice and vegan parmesan. This is my go-to quiche recipe!

I add a bit extra nutritional yeast and broccoli my favorite veggie and use onions instead of leek only because onions are on hand. My husband and I so appreciate all of your simple, delicious, plant based recipes. Big thanks from Calgary! I just tried this, fresh out of the oven after letting cool for about 15 minutes. It is delicious. I made a few changes:. I will be making again for sure.

Scratch that, this definitely tastes like quiche, if you let it cool before you start wolfing it down. Oh my goodness, so delicious, never before made, but I will be making this again! Thank You for sharing your masterpiece!

Tips for Making Awesome Lentil Meatballs

I want to bake it once I get to in laws rather than reheat, but would like it as close to ready as possible. Hi Corinna! Getting to this question a bit late, but you can either assemble it all ahead of time or bake it, and then reheat at degrees the next day.

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Hope this helps! Is there anything we could sub the potatoes with? She is able to have sweet potatoes. Thanks in advance!! Hi Morgan!

Meatless Meals (Puffs of Smoke Book 11) by Maria Ruiz

Let us know how it goes :D. Hi Stacy! Not necessarily, but it does inject a lot of flavor. If you try it without, let us know how it goes!

The hashbrowns really make this recipe. I added wood ear mushrooms, liquid smoke and tamari to give it a little bacon flavor and it rocks. My question is in making the tofu mix a bit fluffier.


Hi Dave! We have not tried it, but I think that could work to make them fluffier!

If you give it a try, report back on how it goes! As a newly plant based, vegan-for-a-treat eater 6. I didnt have any potatoes on hand, but did have some amazing vegan frozen crust. I didnt have any homemade hummus on hand, so I used 7tbsp of cooked chickpeas and some extra parsley, assumed the tiny lemon squeeze would be ample for my hummus, and blended with all of your ingredients. And it was absolutely out of this world. This was absolutely fantastic, and tasted exactly like spinach artichoke dip!! Thank you so much!!!! You are a genius!!! Love the sound of this!

Would it be possible to freeze leftovers? Excellent recipe. I used a premixed seasoning and the outcome was delicious. My non vegan work friends loved it! This isnoeymy go to quiche recipe. My omnivorous ; father made it for an early Christmas present, and I ate the whole thing in two days! We remade it tonight for Christmas dinner :. Have made this a few times and refined to our taste: I use closer to 4 cups of potatoes use frozen shredded hashbrowns to save time and mess.

I skip the cherry tomatoes- they introduce a lot of moisture which made it difficult for me to get the firm texture we like. Mix roasted veggies into tofu mixture and pour into crust just before baking.

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We bake at least 40 minutes but probably closer to 45 or 50 to get firm consistency. This is absolutely delicious! Hey Dana!

Italian-Style Lentil Meatballs

I am currently in the middle of you 31 day meal plan and I am loving it! I just had a quick question about the tofu quiche. Would it be possible to freeze the left overs? And if so, how long would they last in the freezer? Made this tonight! So amazing! As expected coming from minimalist baker! Added extra nutritional yeast, and toasted pine nuts to mine. Incredibly moorish and never nutritious! So easy too!!

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Recommend this recipe to anyone missing their quiche after transitioning to vegan. I made this for a brunch I hosted were I knew I would be the only vegan. I also ordered a bunch of regular meat and veggie quiches from Marie Callendars. This quiche got eatten faster and got more compliments than any of the ones I bought! Tons of people asked me for the recipe and were surprised it was vegan. Even my 6 year daughter asked if I would make it more often. Total winner! It added that cheesy flavor the quiche needed.