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As expected, you learn all you need to know in this book but you learn even more in the prequel novella, Before the Mission Begins which I strongly recommend you read before Operation: Endurance. Not mandatory, but recommended. We learn that Julie suffers from OCD and is also dealing with traumatic events that happened when she was quite young. I liked that. Not every main character needs to come from a broken home in order to have a compelling story.

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For all that Julie has gone through she is handling things very well. She is stronger than she gives herself credit for. Think of a tortured soul and double it. Now you have Chris. That poor man deserves all of the hugs you are going to want to give him. I was SO happy Christi wrote her main characters this way and feel like more authors should. It helped make her characters so much more real. Chris and Julie absolutely deserve each other. Not only because they both know hardship but also because they complement one another perfectly.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty heavy book. Christi writes a wonderful balance between emotional and sweet. There is a wedding scene in this book. Christi mentioned that she cried while writing it and I can see why. The mystery was well written and the bad guy came as a surprise. This is not a nice man and what he does in this book is not pleasant. At all. Yet you totally feel for the guy by the end of the book.

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Christi did a great job there. Honestly, I would have been completely happy with the story without the serial rapist portion but then it would not have been a very good romantic suspense story, would it? So even though I found it was not a need, I found it was well written.

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Overall, I really enjoyed Operation: Endurance. This could not have been an easy book to write yet Christi does a great job of it. Through books one and two you know something happened between Julie and Chris yet you never really find out what. Now you do and adding that teaser in the first books really helped make this book all the more special to read.

Operation: Endurance (When The Mission Ends, book 3) by Christi Snow

This is a wonderful couple and a great book. If you are looking for a book that will tug on your heart strings, start with Operation: Endgame then move towards this book. Apr 29, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it really liked it Shelves: , request , romance , ebook , suspense.

If you have not read the first book in this series Operation: Endgame there is a spoiler for that book in this review. I just want to give a heads up to potential readers on that. When the series ends This is a bit sad for me. I've gotten to know the Robertson's, their friends and loved ones, various members of the community where they live. That is one of the nice things about all the books in the When the Mission Ends series , they are all real people that you could possibly or p If you have not read the first book in this series Operation: Endgame there is a spoiler for that book in this review.

That is one of the nice things about all the books in the When the Mission Ends series , they are all real people that you could possibly or perhaps do know. I found Julie so easy to relate to, so it made her a heroine that was smooth to read and immediately fall in love with.

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I have a severe case of CDO. That's OCD alphabetized as it should be. I make the people around me suffer it with me too. Julie uses her lists as a type of security blanket.

Operation: Endurance

If she has her lists she can keep everything in control. She often reflects back to a time when she took her sisters advice and tried for a change. Things went well with the change initially, yet when things fell apart the events were of monumental tragic proportions. Julie's a smart gal. To keep from repeating a traumatic time in her life she fell back to her old habits and is hanging on to them like her life depends on it.

As she sees it her life does depend on it, it being her lists. Chris is the twin brother that was mistaken for dead. His siblings, friends, and would be girlfriend buried him. His phenomenal network of family and friends have allowed him to make an incredible recovery from the whole horrific ordeal. At just over a year later he is almost back to pre-crash Chris. He is still having nightmares. He went through an event that is nightmare worthy.

He still has a few physical impairments, but he is giving everything all he has. The only thing that is not as he feels it should be is whatever he and Julie had. He knows it was just a short weekend, but he knows deep down that there was something there. Chis is not a quitter and he refuses to give that what could be up. This is such an emotional read. Chris and Julie are struggling to find their place together. Even when they believe all they will have is a good friendship they are still struggling towards just that. They have all these jumbled feelings that they are not expressing.

To add to their issues Julie is unraveling and dragging herself down towards extreme exhaustion and Chris is being threatened for something he has no clue to. After all these two have been through you want them to get their happily ever after. There are so many road blocks to their happily ever after though. All of this makes for a suspenseful read. The couples from the past books are all present and being the incredible support system that they all have been to each other through out the series.

I was very pleased to see more of them. Apr 30, Amy at bookgoonie rated it really liked it Shelves: read , adult , contemporary , ebook , series , reread. And it is still hard to review. Finales of series are hard on their own, much less one fraught with so much damage and unlikely HEA. Shirley and Felicia called it perfectly. A tough one on both Chris and Julie and us the readers.

His resistance was fiercer than it should have been from a Robertson boy and military men. He was made of stronger stock, so what was causing the hurt? Julie is the friend that floats in the background. It gave us a rich back story for Chris and Julie. It really left me and her other fans anxious to reread to see if there were hints, but mostly anxious for their whole story to come front and center. It seemed very fitting that that trend only grew stronger in this book.

Chris and Julie both think they know what is best for the other. And of course, they are both wrong. This need to protect the other one is what makes them such strong characters and made for each other. Every moment between them is electrically charged, but they continued to resist it. Their journey among the most horrific of serial crimes really worked my heart out. I mean a real roller-coaster of emotions. Spikes of adrenaline rushes, tears, butterflies, sighs and physical shaking of the book. I am so happy that there will be an additional novella in our future.

Though I think she ended the series perfectly, there is another story to tell and the updates are adding up. You know like weddings and maybe even babies or puppies. The Happiest Endings are sometimes the Hardest Stories. Jul 21, Shirley rated it really liked it.