Public health system in India

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The project works to establish dialogues and to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors through research, information sharing, and capacity building. The Aarogyasri Evaluation studied the impact of the groundbreaking health financing program in Andhra Pradesh. The study focused on several outcomes: who is using the program, where users access healthcare, changes in how often they seek care and what type of care they seek, and how much they spend on care.

The objective of the book is to provide an overview of practical experiences to guide those in Indian states and in other countries who wish to implement universal healthcare coverage insurance programs. ACCESS Health is working on designing patient centered healthcare delivery systems that allow monitoring of the care continuum. The key considerations for improved healthcare delivery are access, affordability, and quality. Integrated care delivers high quality care closer to the community in both rural and urban environments.

Providers in the collaborative learn, implement, and scale up process improvements that improve outcomes for newborns.

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The collaborative helped hospitals expand access to eye care services and improve the efficiency of care. ACCESS Health worked with the local governments to create a plan for primary care for maternal and infant care based on this work. Several districts in both states have declared an interest in implementing this plan to reduce mother and child mortality. ACCESS Health uses this data to work with both public and private sectors to design effective primary healthcare systems. The Indian Neonatal Collaborative brought together practitioners from six of the best public and private neonatal intensive care units in India.

The practitioners worked together to learn, implement, and scale up practices that reduce newborn deaths caused by infection.

7 ways public health in India has changed over the last decade

We measured the impact of these programs on the quality and availability of drugs. Our work highlighted critical success factors for efficient drug procurement systems in this context. We worked with local governments to identify weaknesses in drug procurement programs and to increase the availability and decrease the cost of essential medicines. We have piloted successful collaboratives on neonatal care and eye care and are bringing this work to scale throughout the country. Quality of care varies dramatically in India, both among formal and informal healthcare providers.

About sixty percent of patients seeking primary care services receive unnecessary or even harmful treatment, yet many other providers are able to deliver world class services at a fraction of what that care would cost in other countries. The collaborative uses an evidence based approach to address neonatal mortality in the state. The Standards for Accreditation project promoted a uniform standard of efficient, high quality care.

Health systems in India

The project helped to define a set of agreed upon and achievable criteria that all can implement. As India plans to increase its public health budget, doctors, nurses, skilled community caregivers, and health workers are becoming an even more important resource. Technical and administrative skills are needed. To improve access to care and health outcomes, ACCESS Health is developing skill building programs that improve the effectiveness of the health systems.

These programs span quality, primary care, public private partnerships, and health financing. ACCESS Health believes that sustainable change in health systems is possible through the innovative efforts of a broad cross section of partners, including government, the private sector and entrepreneurs, the not for profit sector, and education.

Rural Health Care System in India

In India, ACCESS Health works closely with entrepreneurs building innovative business models around health that will drive sustainable change in the future. ACCESS Health India works directly with providers to identify, share, and scale hospital processes and procedures that lead to better outcomes for mothers and their children. In , more than twenty five million infants were born in India, and about eight hundred thousand died within the first month. In addition, India reported about fifty six thousand maternal deaths in Recent health reforms have increased access to facility based maternal and newborn care without significant improvement in outcomes for mothers and infants.

To improve health outcomes, these facilities must also deliver high quality care. Access to high quality, affordable primary care remains a challenge in much of India. The result is a high burden of disease and high out of pocket expenditures.

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Recent federal and state government commitments signal increasing support for a stronger primary healthcare system. ACCESS Health India supports these commitments by studying the healthcare programs and working with individual states to design and implement improvement in primary care. Would you like to receive our newsletter?

Email us at info accessh. Spotlight: Safe Care, Saving Lives. Population: 1. Area: 1. Capital City: New Delhi. Focus Areas. Healthcare Finance See all Healthcare Finance. Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange The Learning Exchange provides funding to facilitate structured learning partnerships between or among organizations that are profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations.

The next big leap in healthcare for rural India - Dr. Kanav Kahol - TEDxGateway

Joint Learning Fund The Joint Learning Network established the Joint Learning Fund to support the ability of Network members to learn from each other on a range of topics, including expanded coverage, information technology, primary healthcare, provider payments, and quality improvement. A political party has agreed to include some of the demands in their forthcoming election manifesto. Due to constant advocacy under access to medicine campaign in Odisha, an enhanced budgetary allocation from Rs.

In Chhattisgarh, in partnership with the state Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, the data generated from active tracking of stock of essential medicines in public hospitals in 56 facilities of 10 districts has been used for state level advocacy with high media outreach. Additionally, through training and survey on medicines, the capacities of civil society organisations have been built around the issue of medicines. Regional consultations have been held in order to build solidarity and a campaign around the Right to health and health equity.

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