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Male howler monkeys compensate for smaller testes size with louder vocalizations, according to scientists. Howler monkeys include fifteen different species belonging to the largest of the New World monkeys, native to South and Central American forests. They are aptly named, given their vociferous calls capable of reaching volumes of decibels. Thanks to specialized larynx with an enlarged hyoid bone, they can produce some of the loudest calls in the animal kingdom.

Research shows that males with smaller testes and larger hyoids tend to form groups where they mate exclusively with multiple females — an evolutionary trade-off that means these less-endowed males have less competition from other males. In groups with a large mixture of males and females where there is no exclusive copulation, males tend to have larger testes and smaller hyoids, with competition coming down to sperm production. Forcing your voice into a high note that is incongruous with your usual tone or higher than natural for your voice can cause minor injury.

Also, screaming higher and, if it so happens, shrilly, usually indicates fear more than a macho war cry. You're trying to say "Help me! Try to avoid tipping your head back to do so. You may assume that a higher note means "I should hold my chin higher", but tilting your head backward can actually put excess strain on your vocal chords and make it harder to produce sound.

So don't do it.

Optimum volume is achieved when you hit the perfect note, frequency, and force of exhalation. This is the level at which glass shatters and dogs howl. If you can't get this amplitude, don't sweat it. Usually only professionals can. If you get anywhere close, count it as a success.

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In the best case scenario, you'll be loud enough to temporarily deafen your assailant. Don't count on it. Do not utilize this next tip as a first choice. You should try to stay as far away from your attacker as possible, but if you're forced anywhere close to him or her, put your mouth as close to their ear as you can to scream. It's generally painful on their end of things. Don't be afraid to keep it up.

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Even if your throat rips, don't stop that scream. Saving your neck is more important than sparing your windpipe. If you have to stop because you're hit or run out of air, drag in another breath and scream again. Try to avoid gasping. Even if it seems to waste time, taking a deep breath only takes about a second, two if you really draw in, and a longer, louder scream is more effective than one that is short-lived and oxygen-deprived. Do not stop screaming.

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This cannot be emphasized enough. No matter what does or does not happen, is or is not inflicted upon you, keep screaming until help arrives. Even if you manage to incapacitate your attacker, keep screaming. Though you may feel inclined to breath in through your nose, do not do that. Your nose IS the most direct passage to the lungs, but don't let that fool you. Breath in through your mouth, as you let more air in that way.

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When time matters, you want to get the most air in in the shortest time. Do voice exercises to increase your volume, and to increase your confidence level.

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Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 7. Perhaps you are screaming in a pitch out of your vocal range.

Try screaming in a slightly lower pitch. If that isn't the issue, try taking a few deep breaths, clearing your throat, or drinking some water. If it's because you lost your voice, then take a break from screaming for about a minute. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.


People have this feeling sometimes. When in danger, they feel the need to scream, but can't. This is mostly because of shock. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. When I try to scream, I sound like I have lost my voice. What shall I do? Don't worry, that's normal. This signifies that you are a quiet person. Just do vocal exercises e. Do-rae-mi to help you get louder and try to drink more water, so your throat isn't as dry. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings If you have been successfully moved to a private place such as a van, building, or closet, it may be wiser to stop screaming in such a situation. Continued screams in an enclosed space with an attacker can irritate him or her as much as it could irritate those officers trying to help. Weigh the chances of being heard against the chances of ticking off the assailant and making it worse.

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Then choose wisely.