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A week into our experimental relationship, he kissed me for the very first time. We were leaving a small cafe on Friday.

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The sun was long gone, and as we walked, the first snowfall of the season came. Flakes of white fluff swirled around us, gently falling and gathering on the ground. They were cold and hard, but delicious, a sweet, minty scent rolling off of him. He had been keeping a respectful distance, and feeling him so close was new and enticing. We keep up this carefree momentum, spending time with our friends, or alone in the city, and every now and then, his hand will press gently on my lower back, or brush against my face.

Nothing happens. Toward the end of November, Alec picks me up from work and asks if I will spend Thanksgiving with him. During one of our many conversations, I learned that Alec has a sister across the country - a vampire like him. My pussy throbs at the notion of spending a solid three days with him. I agree to go, and the smile he gives me is much too smug for my liking. The four of us leave on Wednesday morning, catching a long, nonstop flight.

She is as welcoming as Alec promised. A small woman with the same green eyes and dark hair as my boyfriend, she greets us all with an embrace, dragging us to the kitchen and serving out drinks. We spend the evening talking, sharing stories, and getting to know one another. I also learn how Alec became a vampire: Apparently, he and his sister lived in a small village when attacks started spreading through nearby settlements. One night when he was gone from the village, he returned home to find all his family dead, except his sister. If he had lived out his life and died, she would have eventually been without family.

Alec always promised her he would be there, a vow he continues to keep. I look at him a little differently the rest of the night. Certainly an admirable quality.

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We get to our hotel rooms, Charlotte and Michael in their own, and when Alec opens the door to our opulent suite, I start chewing on my lip. I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, exhausted from our travels. There are more people there today, some vampire and some human, even a few small children running around. Charlotte and I exchange a happy look, and when we do, I take in the moment. Glancing at Alec, I watch him talk with his friends across the table. A cherubic face so beautiful it makes you want to weep.

With him.

I wonder if I can initiate the influence myself. I see something flicker on his face, then his eyes turn to me. He looks down at me, gaze dark, peering into my soul.

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I smile a little and look away, and when my thighs press together, warmth starts filling me. He keeps it up all evening. By the time we say our final farewells, I am on the verge of an orgasm, and I know Alec can feel it. Arriving at the hotel, I hug Charlotte, and we split off into our rooms. The moment Alec shuts the door to our suite, electricity floods me, my skin crackling, my pussy warm and wet. He comes behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, his cold lips on my neck.

The fire licking me starts biting. I moan, my body engulfed in a painful tinged pleasure.

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My clothes are coarse and intruding, and suddenly my hands bypass my brain and I start tearing them off. Coming above me, I wrap my smooth legs around him, my warm flesh clinging to his hard, cold body. Kissing him tastes like chewing gum, a sweet menthol flavor on his tongue. His mouth is all over me, tasting me, his saliva making my skin burn in the best way.

Every time his tongue passes over my nipples, it sends a shock right to my groin. When his mouth makes contact with my pussy, I lose it. I fist his hair and grind my hips onto his face, moaning his name. He likes it, his icy tongue giving me exactly what I want.

It spreads warmly through me, radiating from the deepest part of me, and it carries weight. He draws it out, and the longer I go, somehow, the hornier I get. I drop to my knees without vacillation, and when I get my first look at his dick, my heart fucking explodes with butterflies. My jaw drops and I look up at him, his own hungry eyes staring at me. I take him in my hand, and when I put him in my mouth, his hands weave into my hair, and he moans.

My pussy clenches, my arousal dripping down my legs, and I am pure bliss as I suck him. I am ravenous. I stroke him and tease him, using my lips and tongue and a little bit of my teeth. His cock is glorious, well over average size, and as thick as my wrist. I suck him enthusiastically, his hands on my head helping my quick rhythm. I deep throat him and he moans. I do it again and again, loving his reaction every time.

I am a sex toy that was made for him. Not a second too soon, I feel his smooth, round head press to my pussy.

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My body recognizes him. Just as the first time I felt him hard against me, I am nothing more than a creature who needs to be fucked senseless by him. Alec has to force his head past my tight muscles, and when it finally pops in, we both moan aloud. My pussy blooms around him over and over, milking him.

My pussy is grabbing him, sucking on him, elated with the texture of his cold cock against my every scorching nerve. I am so full of him, my internal organs being pushed aside to help him fit. He can sense my genuine contentment, me surrendering to this moment and feeling the most incredible physical reaction to him. I hum into him, tasting his icy breath, thrusting my hips to meet his. In another blindingly fast moment, I am empty, on my hands and knees, Alec behind me. I moan through my teeth, feeling urges come over me I never have before. I bend over for him, dropping to my elbows, my ass in the air, soaking pussy on display.

One side of my face pressed to the bed, I reach back and place my hands on my ass, pulling myself apart so he can see better. I hear him growl behind me, a low animalistic purring, but hungrier.

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It makes me fucking wild. I feel his sharp teeth graze against my backside, and I cry out from the contact. Alec finally takes mercy on me. First I only feel his hard tip, then suddenly I am full of him, my insides opened so rough and so quick I scream into the mattress, fisting the sheets. Though his movement was harsh, his pressure has alleviated the aching pain, my nerves rippling with joy. Alec drills into me from behind, my face in the bed as I bend over for him. I want more, which makes him want more, creating an endless cycle of need.

Supernatural Seduction - A Sexy Anthology of 4 Paranormal Short Stories from Steam Books - eBook

On every push, his tip enters my womb, creating a conflicting array of hot and cold, my uterus throbbing from the constant pressure, yet soothed by his cool temperature. I was a good girl. My need for him surpasses all logic and I would do anything to please him, because it pleases me. The first time he touched me, his actions were maddening. Tonight, Alec is much more giving. Tonight, I am different - everything is different.