The Jon Benet Ramsey Case And Much More...

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And yet, as the murder case itself has gone cold, public interest has most certainly not. Her face continues to grace magazine covers on supermarket checkout lines.

Pedophile Confesses to Killing JonBenet Ramsey in Letters to Friend - Rolling Stone

True Hollywood Story. Phil is planning a three-part interview with her brother, Burke, who was 9 when the murder occurred. CBS will release a documentary series examining the case, and there is even a Lifetime movie in the works.

The tide goes out and it goes back in, and the police are hoping the next time it comes in, they may catch who did it. The questions that linger over the case also linger in the minds of those still held in its sway.

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Did someone actually break into the Ramsey house on Christmas Day of ? Some point to a broken window and mysterious footprints as proof of an intruder, while others maintain the wine cellar's relative pristine condition says otherwise. And what of the ransom note? The fact that it was composed on a legal pad, and with a Sharpie, from the Ramsey's house, adds even more layers of uncertainty to the proceedings. The myriad details and dangling threads have turned average people into armchair sleuths, each convinced they have the necessary insight to divine the truth.

So much about the case still resonates with the American public, which is drawn to the mystery, the scandal and the lurid details that surround it. In general, true crime speaks to these very dark places in our heads that none of us would consciously admit to.

The basics of the case read like the setup for a novel—a beautiful, happy family shattered by unspeakable tragedy amid the joy of the holiday season. The fallout is no less sensational.

The death of JonBenet: A case that's captivated the country for 20 years

Immediately, the cry for justice—to hold someone responsible—went out around the country. However, even after thousands of hours of inquiry, including a grand jury investigation that stretched out for more than a year, no one was ever convicted, or even indicted, in the murder. A list of suspects, including the girl's own parents and brother, led nowhere.

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But that has done very little to keep followers of the case from making their own assumptions about the guilty parties. Clark told Fox News he hopes the show will encourage someone with knowledge that could solve the case to come forward. Patsy passed away in at age 49 from ovarian cancer. On the morning of Dec.

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Ramsey had been hit on the head and strangled with a crude garrote. She also showed signs of sexual assault. Patsy passed away in at age 49 from ovarian cancer and never saw the case declared officially solved by investigators.

The 20-year-old unsolved murder of a child pageant queen

The Daily Camera reported court records showed that a Michigan Circuit Court judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by Burke in December In this June 29, , file photo, John Ramsey hugs his son, Burke, facing the camera, at the graves of his wife, Patsy, and daughter JonBenet, during services for his wife at the St.

James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Ga. At the time of the announcement, an attorney for CBS declined to comment. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. In the show, John Ramsey admitted he accepted the fact that, like his late wife, he may not live to learn what happened to his child. ZUMA Press.