The Musician and The Murderer

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D's local offices 5 to 6 times a week. Do not doubt for one second: It was a politically motivated murder.

Carlo Gesualdo: Murder, Witchcraft, Choral Music

The news spread like wildfire on Twitter, as incensed netizens started tweeting and posting about the murder, pointing to Golden Dawn for moral responsibility:. How come [Golden Dawn press officer] Kasidiaris is on every TV channel commenting and hasn't been arrested yet for abetting? Many Twitter users kept reminding others that immigrants were Golden Dawn's first victims.

Vasilis Papageorgiou wrote :.

He wasn't the first one killed. Not unless we consider the immigrants murdered by Golden Dawn as non-humans.

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This surge in xenophobia, intolerance and politically motivated attacks in Greece is truly chilling — the authorities must act now to prevent such violence from spreading before it gets out of hand. Global Voices editor and author Asteris Masouras created a storify on this subject, and contributed to this report. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. To learn more, review our Cookie Policy.

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Listen navigate down. Season 2 was released on July 10th, Disgraceland is released on a bi-weekly schedule with a few exceptions. Disgraceland is for lovers of true crime.

Disgraceland is also for music lovers. Disgraceland explores these stories and more and attempts to reckon the heinous acts committed by these musicians with our love for the amazing music they create, which is particularly relevant in the here and now. These stories are too wild for that. Disgraceland is a bi-weekly adult storytelling podcast.


10 Musicians that Murdered Somebody - Chart Attack

A pedestrian at the scene was injured trying to help. The army is in charge of the investigation, but investigator Leonardo Salgado of the Civil Police Homicide Office said there is no indication that the occupants of the car were bandits or that they had reacted erroneously to the approach of the military. The civil police conducted the on-site investigation and found more than 80 shots; no weapon was found with the occupants of the vehicle. Videos posted on social networks show residents of the region criticizing the military shortly after the shots.

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