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There are three chambers, right side, left side and bottom chambers. We purchased the deluxe model which has canvas seats with separate chambers for back and bottom. The paddles are good enough for the easy paddling we do. There are three paddle blade angle adjustment holes. We were comfortable with the construction of the Sea Eagle since we had a large dinghy made of the same material which we towed behind our 27' sailboat for about 15 years.

The SE tracks well and good directional stability for our purposes. This was my first kayak. This is an excellent all around kayak. It is extremely stable and sea worthy and surprisingly fast. I was able to outrun tourists paddling rental kayaks easily.

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It has two skegs and track fairly well. I did find it challenging to paddle straight on a windy day prior to perfecting my stroke. With some practice Inlearned to paddle straight under most conditions. I like that there are multiple chambers in the event one chamber is punctured.

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The two main tubes are filled with air separately unlike the Advanced Elements Expedition I own, where if I punctured one side of the kayak both sides would deflate quickly. I'd highly recommend this kayak. I have had a great time with this kayak. I have taken it on lakes and rivers like the Muskegon. Also, have used it on Lake Superior which I was surprised how easy it was too handle on a big lake.

With it being only 32lbs and able to be put in a trunk of a car, transporting it is so easy. I love this kayak and try to get out as much as possible but it is never enough.

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It takes a beating too like cover over rocks and running into fallen trees. Stands up to alot. This is great for a beginner and I highly recommend it. There's a lot to like. Easy to transport, inflated, on a car without roof rack. But for tandem use you must try it with regular wooden canoe paddles. Beats those stupid kayak paddles hands down. Better control.

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Less frustration re synchronizing strokes no need to really. You can stay dry instead of getting rained on from the kayak paddles with their useless anti-drip rubbers. Overall, a much more relaxed, enjoyable experience. Welcome Log Out Log In.

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Read 24 Reviews. Submit Your Review. I purchased a Deluxe Inflatable Kayak seat as well. Inflation: Super easy, took me about 30 minutes my first time and now I think I can do it in about 10 minutes Handling and Comfort: The Kayak can fit two adults comfortable, I think three would be fun for goofing around but not longer trips. For the price point, it is really hard to argue. It is easy to inflate with the provided foot pump.

I prefer the regular seats to the ""deluxe"" seats as it helps with stability and I am pounds. The deluxe seats are taller but they do stay in place better than the regular seats. They include an inflation guide, which was nice. For an inflatable it tracks pretty well. Not perfect but that is one of the things you trade for its ease of transport and storage. It is durable but it won't last indefinitely if you are really putting it through its paces. It is a bit prone to very small leaks from thorns etc. These are patch-able patch kit included!

The valves on this boat are a thing of beauty, easy to use and dependable. I certainly recommend this boat and love having it. We bought the SE deluxe package for our full time travels in a 5th wheel. We previously had a 16 ft lake canoe. I am 5'9, wife is 5'7 so there is plenty of leg room. I won't go through the ease of set up etc.