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For instance, I already bake sourdough bread almost every week and always have two extra loafs since I try to fill my oven. I could start selling one or both loaves to create a small residual income without much additional effort. Another idea could be to harvest some wild herbs when going on walks or hikes. Wild raspberries are very abundant in my area, I could easily harvest a few leaves per plants along my hike, dry them and sell them as herbal tea for very little effort. I have this thing I say to myself all the time: Try things. You will never know in advance which 2.

I write articles, make podcasts and videos, etc. Most of the stuff I do has zero income stream. Some of it costs money to keep it going. And a few things have residual income so that I end up at a net positive.

Some things ran in the red for a long time and then I stopped feeding them and left them there. On my farm I tried all sorts of things, and it turned out that pork was my big winner. I was never certain if pork would be a stepping stone to something else or if pork was always gonna be the big one. I think Sepp Holzer is the same way.

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At one point he ran his property as a sort of zoo. He kept all sorts of interesting animals there for people to see. And for a while he was a mushroom guy like paul stamets. I brought this all up because I am trying something new with my rocket mass heater page.

At the same time I really think rocket mass heaters will make a big leap forward this year and I very much like the idea that ernie and erica get enough cash flow so that they will put a lot more focus on innovation. And, as a bonus, more people that read my stuff will build their own residual income streams. As an added bonus: the existance of this thread makes it so that it might be possible for me to learn a few things I don't know yet in this space.

Cory Arsenault. I hope to build an earthship style home that will become my retirement home which will also function as a bed and breakfast so I could make a bit of income from that and have tax advantages. You can find all of my stuff in the permies Digital Market I like the idea that 20 or 30 industrious people will get affiliate programs and direct people to stuff like this. Go here to find out how to become an affiliate.

Devon Olsen. Ashley Handy. Paul, how does one do this?

Because I am very interested in making money off of promoting ideas that I already think are great. If you go here, it will tell you how to do the affiliate thing with stuff in the Digital Market. You make lots of links in lots of ways, and then you go goof off for six months and when you come back, your bank account is mysteriously fatter. Kathy Burns-Millyard. I earned the bulk of my income from affiliate and advertising revenue for about 10 years. I would like to hear a lot more details. Royalty revenue? Kindle materials?

If I try to play in the stock photography game, what might i expect? How does it work? What are the income streams like? Much like any other commissioned sales person does. If the company you're promoting closes, or the specific product is discontinued, you cannot continue earning money from it.

With royalty revenue, you own all rights and maintain all control because someone else is licensing and or promoting your material - products, assets, intellectual property, etc. I have thousands of photos that are licensed by hundreds of companies each month for example. Kindle materials are just electronic publications. These range from small guides of about words to technical or instructional books 10 times that size. Size doesn't matter too much.

I dont write fiction but many people make a nice part time income publishing short stories or children's books. When you write and publish your own material, you control price, availability, retail outlets etc. Hope this all makes sense and I'll do what I can to answer more questions if you have them Kathy. Quite respectable.

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How difficult is it to get a kindle book set up? I now have quite a mass of pictures. I suppose I could spend a few hours digging through them and I could post a hundred pics. What might my annual residual income look like from that? Add in to that: I get people contacting me and saying that they would like to use some of my images for their articles and the like.

So now maybe I can direct those folks to the microstock stuff. If all of the books were steady sellers then yes, that's a very reasonable estimate. Some topics are more seasonal, like gardening , and some have stiff competition. Some just dont seem to have enough of a market and some don't capture their attention. Half of what I currently have on amazon were early experiments that haven't done so well. My natural health briefs for example are just collections of web articles I'd written over the years. My SEO and Wordpress books are several years old and likely considered "out of date" to the intended audience.


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Publishing on Kindle is easy. Just write your book in Word - or in something like open office that creates doc files. Then upload it through the kdp publisher dashboard. You dont technically even have to make a book cover image but it does make a big difference with sales.

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Photography is a little more tricky. Each agency has their own levels of perfection, styles and subject matter preferences. Most no longer accept nature our scenic photos because they have too many. The best sellers tend to be highly commercial in some way- I. I personally don't come anywhere near that. On signatures: I didn't think my main site was relevant enough to the board and my personal site is rarely updated. It does seem to be a good spot to sell podcasts though: also when one is al signed up, where do you start posting affilliate links?

Devon, you can post the affiliate links wherever you want. Someone clicks on it, buys the item and you get a kickback, it is that simple. Excellent info Kathy. Shawn Harper.

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I want to thank everyone who has posted in this topic, it has given me many ideas of ways to break this wage slave chains. Once again permies is an endless source of knowledge. Shimon Pearson. I've been thinking how to earn residual income, I've written several articles but my Google Adsense account got banned. Do you have any other suggestions on how can I earn from what I have written? I'm also planning to take affiliate marketing seriously so that I can earn additional money from it.

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Sherry Jansen. I have bought several of your books, maybe twice bought the Rocket Mass Heater online book. You did an awesome job on it, and since then I have seen several Rocket Cookers on eBay, and from our own website, several people have questioned us about the JetStove, which is essentially a Rocket Mass Heat design but made from hot water heaters. One of the things I wanted to do was write up several designs of what all these heating systems can be integrated to.

Besides hot water coils, and heating and cooking, specifically, I would like to build a barn dairy around the wood heater with a pot hole system built that does - -pasteurize milk and ready it for cheese, yogurt, kefir -same pot could be heated for chicken feather removal -same pot could be a cooker for making soups before canner -same pot for boiling down maple syrup -same pot for deep frying French fries before freezing also looking at making sweet Tater fries and chips as I have a hard time storing both any other way.

And, my list can go on. My point is- do what you do, just more of it. Logan Simmering. Another good option is cafepress or spreadshirt, which has better terms for both buyers and slellers I've been earning a couple bucks a month of t-shirts and bumperstickers for the better part od a decade now.

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For the CAD inclined theres a similar service for 3D printing, but I'm blanking on the name at the moment. Also, PayPal, Google Wallet, and Amazons payment service can all be linked to a bank account via Automated Clearing House, for the plastic shy amongst us. Ben Mosley. We are all probably familiar with Etsy. If not,check it out.

I turned a friend of mine onto the site a few months back,and she has replaced her disability income with just etsy income. She has type 1 diabetes and cancer keeps spring up in different parts of her.