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Only through a culture of Goodwill can we have Peace, or at least a chance of it. Finally for the moment , is that very human matter of patience. To drag Jim Morrison into this, we want the world, and we want it now. It means remembering King, keeping his mountain in sight, and having the faith that we can help others reach the summit.

Lennart Lundh is a great-grandfather and writer. He served in Vietnam in support of Marine Corps operations in and , and was discharged as a conscientious objector in In Spring , I had a guest speaker in the two sections of a Writing for Active Citizenship I was teaching, a combat-decorated Marine and Longwood alum, who had asked to speak to my classes about local political engagement. He began his presentation by projecting a large photo, one that had played across the media for months, of the Egyptian Revolution.

Even with the picture filled with images of the Egyptian flag, not a single student in the two sections, not one in forty, could identify what was taking place in the picture. The next class period, I asked them why they felt that had happened. Their answers covered a range of reasons for what they themselves called disconnect, from not knowing what media to trust, to being too busy surviving their own lives, to the one they all agreed upon: being overwhelmed with the fear and sadness such connection created, overwhelmed in the face of twenty-four hour news coverage which led to what they said paralyzed them most: feeling overwhelmed with helplessness.

I asked them how we, as educators, could help with that, how we could help them connect. I asked them What would you most connect to—listen to? Their answer: our peers. As we prepare for the third annual summit, to take place Saturday, October 12, , we are more committed than ever to honoring what those young people seek, and to both take and create every opportunity we can to advance conversations that will move us all toward more understanding and compassion.

Our keynotes are all young activists who have been working for real change on the front-lines of their communities, and who have been engaged in this way since they were very young. They exemplify the power and effect young people can have in their own communities, and the vision of leaders who, rather than a future preying on fear and dividing us, will work, as they already are, to build community where we care and support each other.

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Danielle Greene. Among numerous other advocacy projects, Hazel has presented and led workshops in Philadelphia and across the country for hundreds of service providers and youth on gender, sexuality, racism, and antioppression. She also co-facilitated a 9-month high school social justice internship, where she taught 18 interns on systems of oppression and organizing skills.

Jason Tsai , a young leader dedicated to working in support of food access, especially in urban food deserts, has worked as an urban agriculture fellow and food distribution coordinator at Tricycle Urban Ag, in Richmond, Virginia. There, he worked on urban farms to grow and distribute organic produce through corner store partners for food desert communities. Each of these amazing people have stories to tell of their own activist journeys, as well as wisdom, experience, and advice to offer to our summit participants, on how each of us can work toward change, toward, justice, toward peace, in our own communities, in our daily lives.

Together, we can change the world. Hello friends,. We have some big changes to tell you about! Our Board of Directors is working to make Writing for Peace more accessible to readers all over the globe and whittle away at geographic and language barriers. Coming highlights include:. Writing for Peace has published six beautiful print journals, but in , DoveTales is going online.

We will publish two issues per year, February 1st and August 1st. You can find the Guidelines here. We are inviting translations this year, and working to achieve multilingual participation.

Submissions must be received by September 15th, Learn more, here. Our Young Writers contest is up and running! Check out the Contest Guidelines here. Carmel Mawle is president and founder of Writing for Peace.

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You can find her blog at www. A gift certificate to one of the chain restaurants? Belly-dancing lessons? The looming specter of December 31st brings out the flip-side of this month of giving — the asking. My inbox is full of requests from nonprofit organizations, many of them desperate for the funds to continue much needed services, or to begin life-changing programs.

When I was director of a youth orchestra, we were fortunate to have an extensive donor list. I wrote the letters and program asks from the bottom of my heart, and even occasionally stood on a stage and made the appeal directly, a task I absolutely dreaded. But this is the nature of running a nonprofit, and I did it because I believed we were making a difference in the lives of those young people, and our community as a whole. That was true when I was president of a chamber music association and, even more so, true today with Writing for Peace.


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I owe it to our young writers, and all of our Writing for Peace family, to do what has always been difficult for me. You can donate directly here. If you are able to set a little aside for Writing for Peace, thank you. Dear Writing for Peace Family,. There are times especially in the last two years when discouragement takes on a life of its own, much like the cartoon characters with black clouds hovering over their heads day after day as they go about their business.

You chip away at seemingly insurmountable obstacles, smile at neighbors and strangers, and do your civic duties with diligence and good cheer. The work created in this spirit adds light and wisdom to our collective consciousness and humanity as a whole, making hope a beautiful and tangible thing. From all of us at Writing for Peace, many thanks for your ongoing support and all that you do to make this world a better place.

Whether you are in the U. As founder and president of the board of directors, I want to clarify that Writing for Peace is a Not-for-Profit c3 entity and, as such, we do not endorse political candidates.

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Thus, this is chaos organised so intelligently that the order comes from the best parts of our human nature. In a good environment we are all good, not from external force but internal emotions and needs - that's when we have a lasting peace and thriving planet. If we imagine what we have now as a triangle, the most powerful at the top and the least at the bottom; this is flipping it over to have most service at the bottom and most vulnerable at the top.

And this is done alongside making resource allocation both fair and separate from this system of service roles. We can still have a Queen, her role is to serve and protect, the same comes of other roles - true service, wise "chiefs" without ego, noble and self-sacrificing - real heroes.

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Long ago, Europe was ruled by psychopathic monarchs and upper classes who brutalised and subdued the population. They murdered and killed with impunity in the name of the law and tax collection. The majority, the peasants, were ruled by fear. Later these same kings took legions of their subjugated populations, these broken people, and made them into armies that did the same thing to other nations - killed until the fear kept them controlled, then the law and taxes were applied to lock-in the same power-dominance model that had worked so well in Europe.

Thus, the politico economic system that has centralised resources while others starve, that leaves the industrialised nations so baffled as they send "aid" to the stricken countries, isn't faulty - it was bad by design. It was designed by a psychopathic regime to bring control by brute force and keep it by fear - the education system being a critical part of it.

Today, the peoples of the industrialised countries want system change. They want a fair world where everyone gets to eat. The ordinary people always wanted peace and barely any of them ever even glimpsed truth through the propaganda and pomp. The answer to all of this is in all of our world faiths, it is the answer of love and cooperation instead of money and dominance.

We need systems designed by the open hearted, and that's almost everyone in every nation. It's time to start over and make the peace we all need. To promote peace, to prevent war, to bring societal health, we must reverse the artificial shortages of essential resources around the world. Food suppression must end, the technological advances that can bring an age of abundance must be developed for the benefit of the entire species in the spirit of cooperation and love.

And the brain trauma caused by not feeling loved in childhood leads to those fragile egos that seek power instead of to nurture and be compassionate to others. And so the solution to that tight circle of harm is to love the mother who can then love the child, and always to support fathers too. That's the road to a peaceful world and one we all need to embrace. Whom we love, we must be prepared to protect; though I am not muslim, I love my muslim brothers and sisters in the same way I love all of humanity and I accept the responsibilities that love brings. We solved war when we saw the simple flaws in our thinking.

We thought religious tension was the cause and war, the spending on weapons, was a symptom, or result, of that tension. In reality, the war, the spending on weapons, the desire for power and money was the cause A doctor can never cure a patient if he is trying to fix a symptom, the patient will only become well after the cause is discovered. To find peace, to cure war, you must first properly diagnose the cause - money and power. So, soldiers of peace, ignore everything else except the trail of money and the power dynamics, because then solutions will become obvious.

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These solutions will require new and creative thoughts and ways of being loving and kind, for the only way out of a tangled mess is a new thread, be brave enough to follow it into a new and better world. In those days of the slow burning war, the one waged on all of humanity, they sought to overrun our emotional drivers with stories that tugged at the heart strings and yet also invoked fear.

The heart was their hook and the fear was the line tied to a concrete weight. Our response was simple yet effective, "Focus only on the money trail, follow it as a faithful dog," and it led us to those who were the evil puppeteers, the demons of the death and carnage we see around the globe among all of our international kin. In truth, there is only good, noble dark and evil The good and the noble dark were everywhere, so were the evil, but the evil were perhaps four percent of the global population, so We weren't going to get peace without some effort, there was work to be done.

Gideon stood for the first time in so long, yet his resolve was absolute, "It is time for the rescue mission of the hungry and abandoned to begin. So let the children born of hero heart be the champions of the weary, let them take their strength and lift up the broken, for they are the ones who would lay down life and limb to do what is right.

So take your army and give them the right to use the arms God gave them for what they are for, for love, for helping, for kindness and peace. For God loves the brave soul, the noble spirit and the one who protects. Are you interested in creative writing and history? Would you like to work with record experts and explore original documents held at The National Archives? This project runs from Monday 23 July to Friday 27 July , and we have places for 14 enthusiastic young people aged years to take part.

These brave and extraordinary women travelled the world, bringing care and comfort to those in need at the centre of military action. They implemented their medical expertise and developed new approaches to hospital care. Now you can tell their stories. A selection of the finished work will be showcased on the education pages of our website, along with some of the documents that inspired each piece.